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You, Naked

Jessie MaComment

Speaking your mind receives wide eyes and gasps,
and actions on impulse are, by default, “reckless.”

But honestly,
I’d rather regret, than wonder,
Be embarrassed, than frustrated,
Say, than stifle,
Do, than not. 

I’ve never been one to hold back,
Calculating, contemplating.
If intentions are pure, and 
Love is present,
What could possibly be wrong with
any mode of expression?

The more time it takes
for a thought or a feeling
to go from your heart 
to reach another,
The more muddled, distorted,
its meaning becomes.

Filters are meant to purify
But I’m not interested in cleanliness.
I want 
the dirtiest 
and most natural, original, 
uncensored and unrestrained,
The best: untouched, 
the worst: un-euphemized 
Each shade of your darkest,
every hue of your brightest,
I want the
bitter, the sweet, the soft, the bleeding-

I want you,
I love you,
as you.

If people could unravel their minds
as easily as they undress their bodies,
More of us would believe in love
and less of us would fall prey to lust.

There would be more substance in sentences,
more appreciation for poetry,
promises, trust, and commitment.

More love for truth
and more truth in love.