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"Love Yourself First"

Jessie MaComment

We hear it all the time, but I don’t think we internalize how literally and powerfully this translates in real life-

Your relationship with yourself sets the stage for every single relationship you have with others.

You can’t love, respect, or appreciate anyone else without first feeling it for yourself. You can’t give away anything that you’re not sure you even have.

How beautiful would it be if we each took the time to center ourselves. Devoted more time to our realizing self-worth rather than comparing and judging. Being so confident in the core of our being, instead of settling as insecure, nebulous characters who only exist in the context of others, vulnerable and dependent on external influences. No one is your enemy. And no one is your savior.

How beautiful would it be if we realized that other people hurt us, not to hurt us- but that their words and actions are most likely a reflection of how they see themselves. And how beautiful would it be to try and elevate them, instead of abandoning them, because we can feel safe doing so without taking unnecessary offense. Only damaged damage people.

How beautiful would it be to act with love and respect, no matter how any else treats you, because YOU are loving and respectful?

How beautiful would it be if we could love and love and love those around us and never run out. If we could inspire a love so pure and infectious and radiant that we almost forget it started, humbly, as a love for yourself?