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Relationship IQ

Jessie MaComment

There's nothing wrong
with one person
being more experienced
as long as the other person
remains open-minded and willing.

But it does get exhausting,
being the one that constantly
has to forgive.

You can only forgive and accept so much
until it starts to feel like settling.

You keep hurting and tolerating 
until you realize that you deserve to find someone
who understands your rights & wrongs
as their rights & wrongs.

Someone who knows how to love you
without instruction.
Someone who doesn't make you hurt
and that's a given.
Someone with whom you can skip all that noise with,
no need for doubt, no room for insecurity.
Someone to just.
Be. Good. With.

Don't get stuck trying to speak to someone
in a love language that
they don't understand
and refuse
to try to learn.

There is someone who gets you.

There is someone

who loves like you do.