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dance, writing, my friends & family, pepper, my job, puns/wordplay, photography, design, handlettering, pastel colors, sparkling water, ratchet music, emo music, true crime podcasts, alaskan malamutes, sunflowers, kids before the age of 6 and after 12, too expensive makeup, thoughtful pieces of art, meaningful pieces of jewelry, long hugs & sustained eye contact, the ‘aha’ moment of understanding, matcha, salted caramel, peppermint, the way my mom smells when i cuddle her, the way my dad physically applauds my accomplishments. challenges. necessary doses of humility. proving people (myself) wrong. bob’s burgers, john and hank green, coffee shops with white marble and succulents. my sexy ass civic. when dogs jump to greet you. walking near water. being freezing, in the dark, in a foreign city – with good company. food. all food. but especially thai curry and costco pizza. buddhism, sarcasm, stoicism, empathy, jasmine milk tea half sweet with boba, generosity without expectation. quirky socks. epsom salt baths. over(?)sharing. making people laugh. and above all else – Love, Love, Love, Loving. #itme