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Jessie MaComment

Words, words, words, I’ve always been a fan. Reading, writing, talking, singing, cursive, typing, poems, rhyming. I have a extensive lists of ‘beautiful,’ ‘uncommon,’ and ‘untranslatable’ words- words with too much meaning to be contained in themselves. Languages, nuances, slang, accents. I love them all; can’t get enough.

Thus, I’ve been on the search for my favorite word. My perfect word. The one word that I would get tattooed on my wrist. That one meaning that encompasses everything I stand for. Those letters that culminate in the most immaculate representation of everything I love.

I found it.

I expected it to be something crazy, extravagant, something that, when people hear, are astounded with how much feeling and power it holds.

So I’m surprised that it’s so simple. Easy. Two letters. We say it every day.


The first word we say to almost anyone and everyone. Strangers, friends, family, lovers. It’s so common, so used. Overlooked. But,

this also makes it the first word that we said to each other.

"Hi, I’m Jessie"
"Hi, nice to meet you"

The 2 letters, like 2 chemicals, fusing to form the post powerful and explosive combination. H- Hydrocarbons. I- Oxygen. They make flames, erupt, detonate, let us breathe. Yet, it’s so effortless. Uncomplicated. Straightforward, honest, sincere.

And that’s what I love.

The simple yet immense potential of just two letters, that gave birth to all of this, all of us. Hi. Hi. Hi, It’s so great to meet you. Hi, I love you so much.