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If we were ever to cease to be ‘we,'

Letters, HeartbreakJessie MaComment

I will always see you

through rose-tinted glasses, void of a broken-hearted bias, with utmost respect and without reservation, with some regret and far too deep in reverie. As the one who taught me about the delicate equilibrium of balance and chaos, of the quiet conversations between the head and the heart. The one who heard the sounds of my balled-up fists beating against the hallows of my wall-ed up heart, who recognized the dangerous, desperate, self-destructive rhythm, the one who came running to save me. Grabbing me by the wrists, relieving me from my painful self-beating and replacing it with the gentle, parallel beating of your own heart simply by pressing it close to mine. The one who saved me from the war within myself, by giving me something better to be at peace with. Our two hearts pumping blood, giving life, in tandem, in harmony, in love.

Even if there is no ‘we,’ there is you and there is me. And there is how I see you. This is how I see you.