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Jessie MaComment

It was 6 am.

A blanket of clouds hugged the crisp Seattle sky as I heard you start to wake. 

It should've been a hectic morning, with us rushing to catch our flight.

But instead, you said:

"Stay there,

just like that."

This is one of many times you remind me –

Some moments

are just too sweet not to savor.

And I realized that you take these photos, not just to capture a moment,

but to preserve its aftertaste.

And it works –

Every time I see this, the memory creeps back onto my tongue.

Looking at you, looking at me. I sip you slowly.

Time suspended, in a city that knows neither of our names. You melt in my mouth.

It brings me back to your scent. Your laugh. Your breath speeding up.

And I drink you in. 

I look at this photo and savor every. last. drop of that moment, thinking,

 "Your love

tastes so good.

More, more, more.."