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“You’ll find someone better.”

Conversations, HeartbreakJessie MaComment

“There’s something else for you out there.”

“You need to move on, he wasn’t right for you.”

Hm…  I’m tired of it.  So tired.  My concern isn’t how long it’ll take for me to get attached again, or if I ever will.  Honestly, if Prince Charming came to sweep me off my feet right now, I’d politely ask him to put me back down.  ’Please and thank you, I’m still learning to walk on them on my own.’

I know people are saying what they think I want to hear.  The cliches that feel natural to tell a girl with a broken heart.  But one of my friends told me something so refreshing today.  Harsh on the surface, but so very true:

“You.  Are going.  To be.  Alone.  For a very, very, long time.  Not because there’s anything wrong with you, not because you don’t deserve to be in love.  But because that’s what you know, despite the temptation to stop the loneliness, is what is right and best for you.  You love(d) him, it was raw, real, unprecedented, and as of right now, irreplaceable.  Don’t dismiss how good the good was in order to make it easier to cope with losing it.  You will be in pain.  You will love and hate the solitude.  But there is no one you should be giving more love to than yourself.”

“Thank you so much.  I’m confident that what I’m feeling and doing is right, but so many people like to suggest otherwise.  Thank you for the reassurance.”

“I just repeated what you told me, when I was trying to get back on my feet.  It sucked, but I’m good now.  You will be too.”