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Jessie MaComment


E. L earl grey milk tea w/ aloe jelly

E is actually one of my close friends, and was nice enough to sit down for a little interview with me.  We usually talk about love and relationships, (boy talk!) and have always found our stories relatable.  So I thought, maybe, others would be able to relate as well. 

“My last boyfriend was in high school.. so that was a while ago.  And the last person I was somewhat talking to turned out horribly.  So right now I’m working on the whole "being independent” thing.  Not relying on anyone else.  And to be honest, since I’ve been getting a lot of attention from guys! (This is just a part of being a single girl). But I think my standards have been raised.  Well, not necessarily raised, but when I see something in someone that will potentially hurt me, I just let it go.  Maybe I’m just still really hurt from the last guy, but I just don’t want to put my emotions in the hands of someone who won’t be careful with them.  It’s weird!  I used to be so boy-crazy.. but I’m more realistic, now.  Maybe a little jaded.  But I am, more than anything, content with myself, and more than willing to wait.  Wait for the right person, and wait for myself.“