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STEEZYversary, Year 2

Jessie MaComment

Chris Guillebeau – entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and all-around champion for finding/designing a career that fulfills you, *takes breath*

– he talks about "joy, money, and flow" in his latest book, "Born For This."

The idea is simple: the intersection of what makes you happy / what can sustain you financially / what you're good at and can continue to grown in.. that's where you will find your life purpose, and ultimately, satisfaction and contentment. 

READ ABOUT THE POST-GRAD STRUGGLE HERE but later, cuz it's long af. 

Long story short, 

Upon begrudgingly entering the real world, I was lucky to find a job that had even one of those things.

I'd jokingly remark "F*ck it, I'm just gonna be a stripper," like, every day, and it became less and less of a joke each time. Uh oh. 

2 years ago, when STEEZY first started, simply as a blog / social platform, I actually wasn't a part of it at all. I didn't reeeally personally know Evan or Connor (the co-founders), but I reeeeally wanted in on it. 

Cuz at that point in my life, I knew almost nothing, except that 

1. I love dance.
2. I love writing. 

Naturally, writing about dance was like the unicorn of all opportunities. 

I wrote my first article on my first dance love – 220. 

After that, I kept submitting more articles, sending Evan long, draw-out emails about how much I wanted to write for the site, in a more official capacity.

[Life lesson here: if you want something from someone, bug the shit outta them. You know, nicely.]

Fastforward >>

In the past 2 years, I've written over 120 articles, ranging from Buzzfeed-y gif-filled Lifestyle posts, to in-depth editorial-like posts. I've interviewed people I've only ever admired from afar and become good friends with them. I traveled to Canada, New York, the Bay, and more. I've e-met and formed relationships with dancers from different communities all over the world, despite language barriers or time zone differences. I've not only found a network of passion and support, but helped form it. 

Oh, and I'm the "Editor In Chief" now. Full time. Whaaaaat.

There are so many things I'm proud of, not just centering around myself (lol), but of my team, our members, our community, our growth, etc. 

But I would never want anyone to think that any of this was (or is) easy, for anyone.

I watch our small, superhuman team of 4 people work day and night, forgoing sleep and forgetting to eat. There are so many things I've learned (and am still learning) – lots of technical skills that I didn't have before. *Might be helpful to note here that I don't just write articles.. Anyway – 

The biggest thing I've observed and internalized, was that 

Sacrifice will never feel like sacrifice when it's for something you love.

Before, I was self conscious about even calling myself a "writer" because I had no portfolio, no experience, and most importantly, no confidence in my abilities. 

I'm a lot more comfortable as a writer, and as an editor, not because I know I've mastered anything, but because I'm still learning. Daily. Voraciously. Gladly. 

I've said before that I loved writing more than I loved my own ego, and this is the only way I was able to progress as a writer at all. In a similar way, I dedicated myself to STEEZY's mission so fiercely and without reservation, that the sacrifices I made along the way, things I'd otherwise complain-tweet about all day for any other job, weren't even things I noticed. 

I am literally the laziest, most useless person alive. But what makes me doubly dangerous is my ability to sweet-talk my way into, or out of, most situations.

Basically, I never had to work for anything. (Yay!)

But on the flipside, I never truly felt like I earned anything. (Aw..)

And the worst part about it, is that this allowed for me to never be consistent with anything. I just temporarily dabbled in this/that, and made a quick getaway once I was over it. 

2 years may not seem like a long time to a lot of people, but for someone who is just being introduced to the idea of "commitment," it is. Like dang. 

So, thank you. 

For your readership, your follow-ship, your "likes" and "shares" and "subscribes" or whatever else constitutes cyber-support for our company.

But really, we appreciate any and all dancers around the world who have somehow been transformed by dance. Who get why we do what we do, whether they know of us or not. 

Thank you for loving what we love, and taking care of it too. 

Last thing!:

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